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Dorn - desková hra

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Welcome to DORN.CZ!

These pages are dedicated to original Czech fatasy board game Dorn. Here you can find information about the game, answers to frequently asked question, ilustrations and other additional materials. Dorn is presently available also in English language. You can order the game online at the publisher!
Apart from this site, a lot of information about the game in English is on Boardgamegeek.

What is Dorn?

Why to play Dorn?

Dorn has all the advantages of modern board games and even something more!
It is an exciting game, as your heroes face greater and greater danger when they get deeper and deeper to the underground complex of Dorn.
It is a strategic game, as there is no dice involved in combat - a hero kills a weak monster and wounds a strong monster with one attack. At the same time, heroes have different skills, find random treasure and have to face surprise Rituals cast by the Dornkeeper.
Dorn is both cooperative and competitive - the heroes have to cooperate to defeat the Dornkeeper.
The evil side can win (and in about 50% of games it actually does)! It is actually fun to play the evil Dornkeeper, as you have powerful Rituals to cast, eight types of monsters to fight with and special skills at each new level!

How is the game actually played?

The game is focused around a map of Dorn upon which figures of heroes and monsters move and interact. One player takes the role of evil necromancer Zorkal, who commands his fiendish hords from a dark underground city of Dorn. Other player or players plays with the group of heroes who set out from human city of Argos to meet the menace. Each game is unique thanks to well-ballanced intriquing plan and variety of characters.
The English rules are available for download HERE.

First expansion: Eternal Return of the Koschei

The first expansion brings a whole new strategic layer to the original game. Koschei is the new Dornkeeper villain. He pursues the heroes from the start of the game and if killed reappers again. The heroes must open the Gate of Doom and destroy the magical egg, which contains Koschei's life force to win the game.
The expansion features five new heroes, five new monsters, evil totems, quests for each hero, and much more.

How can I obtain the game?

You can order the game online at the publisher!