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What kind of game is Dorn?

Dorn is a fantasy adventure strategic game, where one side controls all the monsters and the other five distinct heroes. The game in unique because it contains no dice, and each side has more or less equal chances of winning, depending on their strategic thinking. The game can be played very fast because of the simple game mechanics, but it also has deeper layers of strategic thinking which are difficult to master.   

What is so special about it?

The game uses an intriguing internal dynamics as the Dornkeeper controls hordes of weak monsters which keep being summoned throughout the game. The heroes are much stronger, but they are few and their losses are much more difficult to replace. To add to this, the Dornkeeper needs blood from the heroes for his dark magic, which forces him to attack, but at the same time he needs to wait and lurk to achieve numerical superiority.  

Where can I get Dorn<?

So far, at the e-shop of the publisher, at We are currently negotiating with several other distributors, as the shipping costs from Czech Republic are quite high.

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